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Why is the best option for your GMAT preparation?

  • Top score. Your teacher scored 770 on the GMAT - in the top 1% worldwide!

  • Quality. See first reason!

  • Experience. Your GMAT teacher has been teaching the GMAT since 2002, so has many years of experience getting students to the score they need. Read Steve's GMAT blogs on the GMAT Tutor Blog of the British weekly news magazine The Economist.

  • One-stop-shop. Your GMAT teacher is an English native speaker, and a teacher of mathematics and English.

  • Save time. If you do your GMAT prep alone, it will take you longer than if you work with a GMAT professional.

  • Flexibility. Prep for the GMAT at a time and place of your choice!

  • Simplicity. Book your GMAT preparation online in a few clicks, safely and securely. Starting GMAT preparation has never been as quick and easy!

Get the GMAT score you need!

What does the GMAT online course include?

  • 10, 20 or 30 hours of personalised live private tuition with Steve Keating via an online platform. Learn from a GMAT expert, who scored in the top 1% of test takers worldwide!

  • Your own copy of the best GMAT prep material on the market.

  • Get your essays corrected.

  • Have questions answered outside of lessons by e-mail.

  • Have your online sessions recorded and sent to you, so you can go revise what you learned.

Who will be my GMAT teacher?

Teacher profile: Steve has been teaching the GMAT since 2002. He scored 770 on the GMAT, a score that is in the top 1% worldwide. He also scored in the 98th, 98th and 83rd percentiles for the 3 sections of the GRE he completed. Steve has a Master of Arts in Political Science and the CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) from Cambridge University. He has taught in a range of settings from one-on-one all the way up to large seminars in university settings. His love of teaching shines through in his lessons. You can rely on his experience to provide the right guidance.

GMAT Combinations Formula tutorial. Get tips and tricks and online tutorials from a GMAT expert that scored in the top 1% worldwide on this demanding test.

How much do online GMAT lessons cost?

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What are our customers saying about us?

Thank you so much for your wonderful help and planning, you are a great teacher! I will be aiming for the Gmat again in the future and will surely be contacting you again.
— A.M., 28 June 2017, GMAT preparation course
Steve is extremely punctual and puts a lot of effort into preparing the lessons superbly well. He himself is very motivated and knows how to motivate people. The content and professional nature of his teaching is outstanding and he is highly skilled pedagogically. I have achieved a lot more than I had expected. For me the lessons were perfect – I can’t suggest any improvements.
— Ines Poeschel, 31 May 2017, GMAT online lessons
Thanks to the GMAT lessons with Steve I achieved a score of 720 on the GMAT. He has an incredible ability to detect and remedy weaknesses and this allowed me to be perfectly prepared for the exam. Many thanks for the really helpful lessons, which I enjoyed very much. Keep it up!
— Katrin, 28 April 2017, GMAT online lessons
I really was very happy with the course and Steve contributed a lot to my success in the application. Steve is extremely flexible and kept every appointment as promised. He was very understanding and was able to answer all of my questions. I have learned everything from Steve that I wanted to know. Although I am a critical person, I cannot think of anything that I would criticise.
— Sandra K., 2 April 2017, GMAT preparation online course
Steve is a very knowledgeable and helpful teacher. His outstanding experience in GMAT test preparation is clear to see and he focuses on the student’s individual problems. This enables test preparation to be optimised and saves time. Thank you very much, Steve!
— Robert, 1 April 2017, GMAT preparation online course
Thank you again Steve for the great GMAT tutoring sessions. Really enjoyed every session.
— B. Netzer, 31 March 2017, online GMAT lessons
What I really appreciated from Steve’s GMAT sessions was that he had several intuitive solutions and shortcuts that really outdo any general textbook methods.
— B. Senn, 23rd February 2017, GMAT online lessons
I scored 50 quant and 42 verbal on yesterday’s GMAT test for a total of 750! I am very happy with this score.
— Ari B., 8 February 2017, online GMAT lessons
 A GMAT expert at your fingertips!

A GMAT expert at your fingertips!

Initially I was reluctant to take online GMAT lessons, as I prefer to have an in-person teacher. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of the online lessons. I found them to very helpful. My GMAT teacher was able to share his screen with me, so we could work on questions together. I highly recommend the service.
— Lisa, 4 April 2016, online GMAT lessons

 Grow to love GMAT mathematics!

Grow to love GMAT mathematics!

Flexible private GMAT lessons and intensive GMAT crash courses

We have a track record of success with online GMAT lessons. Use your valuable time more effectively and make GMAT prep more convenient for you. Get a flexible solution. You don’t have to keep to any course dates, and you can start straight away with your GMAT preparation.

Benefit from our many years of experience in preparing people for this demanding test by getting all the tips and tricks you will need.

Free GMAT tips and tricks to crack the GMAT

 Get our GMAT teacher to make sense of all this!

Get our GMAT teacher to make sense of all this!

  1. Manage your time well. This may sound simple, but you would be amazed at how many people come to me after their test and say that they did not manage their time in the best way possible. There are many steps to this, but the simplest is to realise that you have approximately 2 minutes to answer each question – 37 maths questions in 75 minutes, and 41 verbal questions in 75 minutes. The easiest time strategy is to keep to 2 minutes per question.

  2.  Know when to guess. Nobody needs a score of 800, so everyone can get some questions wrong. The key is to be strategic about which questions you give up on and guess. I never gave up on a question I knew I could get the answer to in a reasonable period of time, but if the question will take you five minutes, it is time to move on to the next one. More guidance will be given on this important aspect of the test during lessons.

  3. Use the best material. GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) administers the test, so their material is the best preparation material. Use The Official Guide for GMAT Review.

  4. Do the test at the right time. To score highly takes preparation time. If you take the test before you are ready, you will be disappointed. Use the free computer-based GMAT tests provided by ETS to assess your level after you have done some preparation.

  5. Concentrate on improving all areas of the test. Some people are better at maths; some are better at English. It doesn’t matter where your points come from. There are improvements to be made in all areas of the test. 

What is the best material for GMAT preparation?

Click here for details on registering for the GMAT, test centers and preparation material. 

We recommend the GMAT Official Guide to prepare for the GMAT exam.

GMAT Official Guide 2019: Book + Online (Gmat Official Guides)
EUR 36,23
By GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council)

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