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"I was very happy with the lessons and Catherine’s support was just the help I needed."

V.L., 28 September 2017, French lessons

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"The quality of their German and English editing and their adherence to deadlines was very good. They met my expectations and I will continue to use nativespeakers.ch for editorial and translation work."

Daniel Zweifel, 21 September 2017, German and English editing

"I would recommend nativespeakers.ch to anyone, they are excellent and very professional!"

Janet Grolimund, 18 September 2017, translations

"Sara is a highly dedicated teacher who has worked with me towards my personal goal of scoring a minimum of 100 points in the TOEFL test. I scored 104 points in the TOEFL, even though I was unwell with flu on the day of the test. The fact that everything was quite short notice was neither a problem for nativespeakers.ch nor for Sara. And being able to conduct the lessons via Skype was enormously valuable for me. I felt very well looked after and can only recommend this type of teaching. A big thank you once again to everyone involved!"

Jasmin Weber, 14 September 2017, TOEFL lessons

"Kiera is a young, friendly teacher who is very good at addressing students’ queries. She is quick to explain the various topics and she adds interesting details. The focus is on the work but the class has a relaxed atmosphere."

Beat Vassalli, 13 September 2017, English lessons

"Quick turnaround and easy to work with. Steve doesn’t just correct the obvious errors – he also makes small, subtle changes that ensure the text reads much more elegantly. These little edits make all the difference."

Jürg Ledermann, 13 September 2017, English editing

"John is very friendly and witty and it is great fun to learn with him."

Gabriel, 6 September 2017, English lessons

"Jeremy is an outstanding teacher. I appreciate his excellent professional expertise and his interpersonal skills, as well as his gift for communicating concepts and making them comprehensible. The discussions we have are of enormous importance to me. He is a very skilled teacher."

Sylva Kanderal, 29 August 2017, English lessons

"David is hard-working and professional. He teaches well and we are always able to find a suitable time for the lessons. I am very satisfied and can always discuss my queries with him."

Eefje, 22 August 2017, private English lessons

"It is extremely pleasant to work with Kiera. She is very friendly, helpful and patient and clears up all my queries. I really appreciate her British sense of humour. It is also great that she speaks good German. This means she can answer my questions and explain things very well."

Tobias Gerber, 14 August 2017, English lessons

"Excellent teaching, makes lessons easy and enriching. Could highly recommend Rob as your future teacher."

A. D., 12 July 2017, English private lessons

"In Cathérine’s lessons I can learn the kind of spoken French that is not found in books. She helps me practise everyday communication, which is exactly what I want."

S. Keller, 30 June 2017, French lessons

"Thank you so much for your wonderful help and planning, you are a great teacher! I will be aiming for the Gmat again in the future and will surely be contacting you again."

A.M., 28 June 2017, GMAT preparation course

"You realise that you are working with a linguist. Robert doesn’t just translate the words. At the same time he explains the meaning and etymology of the terms."

P. Killer, 1st June 2017, one-on-one English lessons

"Steve is extremely punctual and puts a lot of effort into preparing the lessons superbly well. He himself is very motivated and knows how to motivate people. The content and professional nature of his teaching is outstanding and he is highly skilled pedagogically. I have achieved a lot more than I had expected. For me the lessons were perfect – I can’t suggest any improvements."

Ines Poeschel, 31 May 2017, GMAT online lessons

"First-class private English lessons with very good teaching material and explanations. Studying with Kiera is such a lot of fun. I have never had such a good teacher in all my many years of English lessons. I learn so much in every lesson and am looking forward to every upcoming class with Kiera. She is very flexible and it’s just great that you can make appointments that suit you. I’m on the right path. Keep up the good work!"

J.N., 31 May 2017, English private lessons

“The thing I like best about Robert is that he is able to discuss a great range of issues and knows the world."

U. Meier, 18 May 2017, English lessons

"I was able to change my appointments with my English teacher Kiera at short notice. I was extremely grateful to her for this."

Nathalie, 17 May 2017, English lessons

"Christine provided exactly what I needed and at the beginning clarified precisely what I really needed and in what form. Everything was great! I felt much more confident at the workshop and during the workshop in English everything went like clockwork.”

Andrea Reinelt, Head HR Marketing & Recruiting, Ringier Axel Springer Schweiz AG, 2 May 2017, English Private lessons

"Thanks to the GMAT lessons with Steve I achieved a score of 720 on the GMAT. He has an incredible ability to detect and remedy weaknesses and this allowed me to be perfectly prepared for the exam. Many thanks for the really helpful lessons, which I enjoyed very much. Keep it up!"

Katrin, 28 April 2017, GMAT online lessons

"Terry is always very well prepared, punctual and extremely reliable. His expertise is not ‘only’ in the English language. He is very knowledgeable in many subjects."

P.G., 16 April 17, private English lessons

"The lessons with Joel are excellent. He’s a super teacher and I can't praise him enough! Really great."

T.L., 14 April 17, private English lessons

"The classes were individually customised and tailored to the needs of the learner."

Jörg Kaiser, 10 April 2017, private French lessons

"The children have made great progress, thanks to Brigitte. They understand the structure and grammar of the French language better now and their spoken French is more fluent."

S.N., 7. April 2017, French lessons for children

"For me Terry is absolutely perfect and exactly the person I was looking for. We understand each other completely."

Christian Schönholzer, 06 April 2017, English lessons

"Christine is an organised person, always on time and very methodical. If she couldn’t make an appointment she let me know well in advance. Christine is very dedicated and uses all available resources for the lessons. She always responds to my individual needs and tailors the lessons accordingly. She was also very flexible in rescheduling whenever possible."

B.F., 3 April 2017, private English lessons

"I really was very happy with the course and Steve contributed a lot to my success in the application. Steve is extremely flexible and kept every appointment as promised. He was very understanding and was able to answer all of my questions. I have learned everything from Steve that I wanted to know. Although I am a critical person, I cannot think of anything that I would criticise."

Sandra K., 2 April 2017, GMAT preparation online course

"Steve is a very knowledgeable and helpful teacher. His outstanding experience in GMAT test preparation is clear to see and he focuses on the student’s individual problems. This enables test preparation to be optimised and saves time. Thank you very much, Steve!"

Robert, 1 April 2017, GMAT preparation online course

"The lessons were very enjoyable for me. Catherine and her teaching methods made a very good impression on me. At each lesson there was a good variety of topics covered (grammar – vocabulary) and together we looked at all the issues I wanted to discuss. In my view the 15 hours were definitely beneficial."

T.V., 5 April 2017, French lessons

"Thank you again Steve for the great GMAT tutoring sessions. Really enjoyed every session."

B. Netzer, 31 March 2017, online GMAT lessons

"Thank you very much for the two very well-prepared, informative and enjoyable lessons with Jeremy. If I need more lessons in the future, I will get in touch and am very happy to recommend nativespeakers.ch."

K.T., 6 March 2017, English one-on-one lessons

"What I really appreciated from Steve's GMAT sessions was that he had several intuitive solutions and shortcuts that really outdo any general textbook methods."

B. Senn, 23rd February 2017, GMAT online lessons

"Since November 2014 Rob has been visiting me once a week in my office. Rob is a talented teacher and a very interesting person. He helps me preparing my own technical lessons as well as improving my language skills.“

Thomas Eyer, Klimawandler GmbH, Zurich, 27 January 2017, Private English lessons

"I have realised that it was more than just a good idea to send my document to you to correct.""

K.K., 21 January, proofreading

"I am very happy with the quality of Mr. Keating’s proofreading. I even had the impression that for him the job was really interesting and that he did it with pleasure. Certain corrections (elimination of unnecessary repetition etc.) were particularly intelligent and always correct. The editing was extremely consistent and my text now appears very professional. I had the feeling that he was smiling as he was correcting my work. 

The service from nativespeakers.ch is perfectly orgainsed and implemented. In addition, we had the feeling that those at nativespeakers always go the “extra mile” for their customers. I hope that my future company will also achieve the same levels of service. I will do my best to follow their example."

M. B., 13 January 2017, proofreading

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"I scored 50 quant and 42 verbal on yesterday's GMAT test for a total of 750! I am very happy with this score.”

Ari B., 8 February 2017, online GMAT lessons

"I would like to thank you for everything you have done. I really enjoyed working with you!"

Michele, 30 December 2016, GMAT lessons

"I made more progress on the GMAT in my first lesson with Steve than in all my self-preparation. I believe it was Steve's tutoring that made my success on the GMAT exam possible."

Christian, 12 December 2016, GMAT lessons

"Dear Steve, I am very happy with my score and wanted to thank you again for your support. Keep up with the good work :)."

Anouk, 26 September 2016, IELTS lessons

"Thanks again for the lesson today. You are really motivating and you have so much patience. Thanks!"

"Thanks again for your help! I did receive the results. They are great! Thank you soooo much!"

Ann-Lina Müller, 24 September 2016, TOEFL lessons

"The English lessons with Steve were very structured and were tailored to my specific goal. Steve can motivate people very well. His numerous tips prepared me in the best way possible for the IELTS test."

A.R., 18 September 2016, IELTS lessons

"Thanks to the highly efficient English lessons with Steve I was able to pass the CPE (Certificate of Proficiency). He prepared me perfectly for this exam with his motivating, supportive and friendly style and his valuable tips. Thanks again for the lessons. I would be happy to use the services of nativespeakers.ch again."

H. Obrist, 15 August 2016, CPE lessons

"The lessons with Sara were very helpful for me and I’ve been able to make great use of what I’ve learned in my everyday life. Sara is a very pleasant person with a good sense of humour and is able to focus very well on my learning needs. This makes the lessons fun and is very motivating."

C. Grisendi, 28 June 2016, English lessons

"I am very happy with the result. My work has really improved and sound more professional. My Master's thesis has even been shortened a bit which I am very happy about. Thank you Denis!"

N. Teufen, Master's student, 10. June 2016, proofreading

“Initially I was reluctant to take online GMAT lessons, as I prefer to have an in-person teacher. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of the online lessons. I found them to very helpful. My GMAT teacher was able to share his screen with me, so we could work on questions together. I highly recommend the nativespeakers.ch service.”

Lisa, 4 April 2016, GMAT lessons

I was looking for a reliable and reasonably priced proofreader for my work. I heard about nativespeakers.ch from a good friend and I wasn’t disappointed. Mrs Keating provided me with the perfect service and after a few days I received my corrected work. I can only recommend nativespeakers.ch and would not hesitate to come back to them for further proofreading jobs. Many thanks! 

E. D., Bachelor student, 13 November 2015, proofreading

The French course is going very well. We are very happy and our French teacher always adapts to our interests, our pace and our various language levels. I believe that we have already made very good progress and we are looking forward to the continuation of the course.  

S. Sommer, 18 December 2015, French lessons

“Steve was helpful and skilled at teaching ways to attack the test. He had a big range of good tips to use during the GMAT exam. He was always approachable and available to give classes. I definitely recommend Steve as a teacher.”

J. Castanheira, 7 December 2015, GMAT lessons

"nativespeakers.ch proofread a manuscript of mine. The job was done very professionally and timely. I am very satisfied."

B. Guin, 11 November 2015, proofreading

In nativespeakers.ch I am happy to have found a reliable and proficient partner for our translations. For challenging texts they also provide excellent solutions.

Heid Vetsch, Markenzeichen, www.markenzeichen.com, translations

"I passed the TOEFL with 104 points! 24 reading, 29 listening (that’s amazing), 24 speaking and 27 writing! Thanks a lot, Steve, for your advice and moreover for the additional motivation you gave me!"

F. Staiger, 28 October 2015, TOEFL lessons

For years we have been relying on the authoritative English and German translations provided by nativespeakers.ch. We have received compliments for their precise and consistent wording not only in Switzerland, but also internationally. We value very highly the friendly, professional and flexible working relationship, especially when we are under time pressure.

S. Frattaroli, Project Manager Communications, Save the Children, October 2015, translations

"Highly personalized tutoring that allowed me to efficiently tackle my weaknesses and further develop strengths. Nativespeakers helped me to improve my GMAT score by over 100 points (over a short period of time) and in response to get accepted by some of world’s leading business schools. If you are struggling to improve your GMAT scores, Nativespeakers will give you the tools and guidance that allow you to turn your efforts into a desired result."

MBA candidate, 28 October 2015, GMAT lessons

"The corrected document was delivered promptly and dealings with nativespeakers.ch were very uncomplicated. The corrections were very useful for me. It is great to know that a proofreading service like this exists in Zurich."

C. Rothen, Universität Zürich, Institut für Erziehungswissenschaft, 19 October 2015, proofreading

"nativespeakers.ch always delivers high quality translations on time. Working with them is uncomplicated and efficient. We can wholeheartedly recommend nativespeakers.ch for translations."

N. Wehrli, FREI, PARTNER. Werbeagentur AG, 21 September 2015, translations

"The translations done by native speakers were always reliable, fast and particularly competent. I will use nativespeakers.ch again in future when I require a professional translation!"

R. Eisenhut, 7th September 2015, translations

"Preparation for the IELTS exam proved to be quite difficult for me. Thanks to the competent support of Steve Keating I was able to reach the score I required. Steve managed to convey what was necessary for a successful exam preparation through target-orientated and motivating lessons. I thoroughly recommend his skills!"

C. Rüegger, 14th August 2015, IELTS lessons

"Steve provided a highly professional, flexible and pleasant preparation to the GMAT exam. His profound background and experience enable him to adapt the course to your needs, always geared to answering your questions and finding the best and most suitable approach. Strongly recommendable for everybody intending to take the GMAT exam."

Kevin, 14th July 2015, GMAT lessons

"You provide a competent and reliable, prompt and conscientious service for students as well as adults! You are both smart and brilliant person, Steve and you...!"

M.-L. Moll, 8th July 2015, translation and proofreading

"Hi Sarah, again many thanks for your work. I very much appreciated that you have been available on an extremely short notice. I am sure that your experience and competence have been very valuable to my paper. I would recommend your services anytime for proofreading work."

J.- D. Péquignot, proofreading