In-company business French courses 
Canton of Zurich and neighbouring cantons

Learn business French in a group or take private lessons - at your workplace.


Why choose a French teacher?

  • Quality. Your teacher will be qualified and experienced, and a native speaker of French.

  • Flexibility. You can choose when and where the French lessons take place. Whether you are a beginner or at advanced level, your lessons will be designed to fit your goals exactly.

  • Guarantee. Take a no-obligation trial lesson to ensure that you have the right French teacher for you

  • Simplicity. Book your trial lesson in just a few clicks and start as early as this week! Taking French lessons has never been as quick and easy.

What type of French lessons can I choose?

You get an French lesson tailored to your needs!

  • Improve your business French (presentations, negotiations, interviews, etc.)

  • Prepare for an exam: for example DILF, DELF, DALF, etc.

  • Perfect your everyday French (conversation skills, reading, etc.)

  • Personalised intensive French courses or regular French lessons over a longer period for individuals or whole departments

★★★★☆ Expertise
★★★★☆ Flexibility
★★★★☆ Success

What are our customers saying about us?

Catherine is very responsive to my needs. She lets me speak a lot and corrects me when necessary. She really helps me to expand my vocabulary. Learning with Catherine is fun.
— Ursula Wiget, French lessons
Joëlle’s very high level of expertise and her flexibility around lesson content and times result in individual language lessons that are totally focused on my goals.
— Reto, French lessons
The French course is going very well. We are very happy and our French teacher always adapts to our interests, our pace and our various language levels. I believe that we have already made very good progress and we are looking forward to the continuation of the course.
— S. Sommer, French lessons

Why is the right choice for me?

In-house French courses in Zurich

 Native speaker - you are guaranteed an French teacher who is a native speaker

✓ Personalised - French lessons at your level, focused on your needs

Professional - experienced and qualified French teachers

Flexible - you can learn when and where you want to

Hassle-free - friendly and personal

Successful learning - motivating lessons make reaching your goals fun

French lessons (private or in-company) - price calculator
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How do I get started with in-company business French lessons?

It’s very simple! We recommend starting with a no-obligation trial lesson before you decide on a package.

STEP 1 Book your no-obligation trial lesson.

STEP 2 Meet your teacher at your trial lesson.

STEP 3 Decide on the best package of lessons for you.

Take STEP 1 now!

Or contact us if you have any further questions.
We will be happy to hear from you.

☎ 044 - 586 26 56 
Monday -Friday from 7.30am to 6.30pm

What other advantages are there for me?

  • Save time:

    • Your French teacher can come to you. You don't have to spend time travelling to a school.

  • Flexibility:

    • Focus on the areas most important for you.

    • Have your French lesson at the best time for you.

    • Start immediately - don't wait for the next course start date.

    • Take some or all of your private lessons online if you prefer.

  • Success:

    • Get the score you need in your French exam in the most time-efficient way.

    • Benefit from a small class size (3-5 students), as everyone will receive as much attention from the teacher as possible.

    • Boost confidence by having more time to speak French

Focus on improving your business French!

Focus on improving your business French!

No matter what your level is, we can help you improve your French. Whether you are at beginner or advanced level, you determine priorities with us, and we customise our teaching to your personal wishes and goals. Our French teachers can come to your workplace. Use your valuable time more effectively and make French lessons more convenient for you.

Feel confident speaking French!

Feel confident speaking French!

Where will the French lessons take place?

Our French teachers can come to your workplace (Canton of Zurich and neighbouring cantons). If you prefer your lessons to be elsewhere, we have classrooms in central Zurich, near Bellevue. Or enjoy the flexibility of online lessons.

If you want your lessons in a location that is not a neighbouring municipality of the city of Zurich, contact us to find out whether one of our great teachers lives near you!

What if our company is outside the city of Zurich?

We also teach French outside the city of Zurich. If you would like lessons outside the city of Zurich, please contact us. With a bit of luck, one of our teachers may live close to you.

These are some of the places where we already give French lessons:

Canton Zurich: Kloten, Opfikon, Schlieren, Winterthur ...
City of Zurich: Not just in the city centre but in Altstetten, Enge, Höngg, Leimbach, Oerlikon, Seefeld, Wiedikon, Wollishofen, ...
Left side of Lake of Zurich: Horgen, Wädenswil...
Right side of Lake of Zurich: Erlenbach, ...
Canton Aargau: Berikon, ...

If your location is not on this list please contact us! We will try our best to accommodate you.

When can French lessons take place?

Use your valuable time more effectively and make French lessons more convenient for you.
Learn French at a time that suits you.

How much do in-company French lessons cost?

French lessons (1 or 2 people) 
in Zurich city or online

  • 6-hour block: CHF 120.- per hour

  • 15-hour block: CHF 110.- per hour (save 21%)

  • 30-hour block - most popular choice: CHF 99.- per hour (save 29%)

  • 60-hour block: CHF 95.- per hour (save 32%)

  • 120-hour block: CHF 91.- per hour (save 35%)

Group French lessons in Zurich city

(3 - 5 people)

  • 6-hour block: CHF 180.- per hour

  • 15-hour block: CHF 160.- per hour (save 20%)

  • 30-hour block - most popular choice: CHF 150.- per hour (save 25%)

  • 60-hour block: CHF 140.- per hour (save 30%)

  • 120-hour block: CHF 135.- per hour (save 32%)

Book your French lessons today and start as early as this week!

French lessons (private or in-company) - price calculator
from 96.00
*number of hours:
*private or group:
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  • You decide later how long your lessons will be (60 mins, 90 mins, 120 mins, etc.).

  • You decide when and how often the lessons take place

Take your first step now!